Survey and report

Our specialist surveyors will carry out a full inspection which includes: A detailed survey of the property, identify the areas of mould growth and the causes. Look at the heating, ventilation, insulation, lifestyle and the type and construction of the property. Take temperature and humidity readings in the property and advise on the dew point temperature. Make recommendations on the necessary works to eliminate the mould. (Mould treatment and redecoration, Insulation – thermal Insulation, Ventilation) Advise on correct use of heating and ventilation and on measures to reduce condensation in the home.


Treatment & Redecoration

Full room treatments and redecorations to eradicate mould.


Thermal insulation - loft insulation - thermal improvement coatings.

Our services extend to 'paid' surveys that are used to determine responsibilities for mould growth and professional assessment of mould cause.

We have developed a reputation for providing best advice to homeowners, landlords & tenants in improving living conditions and lifestyle in a modern world that demands better standards.