Franchise Opportunities

Mould Doctor was formed in 2009 by Geoff Melton, Trevor Milburn and Graham Stark as
part of their existing property maintenance and decorating company where the problems
of mould in the home became apparent. The team looked into providing permanent
eradication treatments for both interior and exterior applications. Mould Doctor was
established following a period of extensive research, product formulation and treatment
methods to ensure the most effective treatment for this serious problem.

There were 26.4 million households in the UK in 2016 which means
for Mould Doctor an almost inexhaustible number of potential
treatment jobs. Mould is not dependent on the appearance of a home
and however nice a property may appear from the outside, mould can
be a hidden problem. It can attack the largest of grand country houses
to back-to-back terraces, so the size of the market is huge.

Could Mould Doctor be the Franchise for You?

From what you have learned so far, can you visualise:

  • The substantial number of potential customers out there?
  • The substantial potential of Mould Doctor as a means of helping them?
  • The substantial potential of Mould Doctor as a business concept?
  • The clear advantages that the Franchise formula provides to everybody involved?

If you can, then a Mould Doctor Franchise could be the business opportunity you are looking for

What Are Your Next Steps?

The next stage is an exploratory face-to-face discussion with no
obligation on either side. You will learn about the Mould Doctor Franchise
opportunity in more detail, and it will also be a chance to get answers to
the questions you will invariably have. Ultimately this will be an occasion
for us both to explore if the chemistry is there to work together as a team.

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