Are all of your surveys free?

In general, yes, but if there’s a likelihood that the survey may be used by a third party then we reserve the right to charge. In addition, there may be circumstances such as travel time & distance where we may also charge.

Do you need to redecorate after a mould treatment?

No, we will leave a decorated surface which can then be redecorated in a colour of your choice whilst retaining the mould resistant qualities of our treatment.

Do you hack plaster off?

No, our treatment is not intrusive to the fabric of the property. Our system, together with our diagnosis has been proven in several thousand properties across the UK.

Is there a guarantee?

Our system has been tried & tested by some of the most extreme cases of mould and mould has not returned in the vast majority of cases – as you will see in the ‘Before and After’ images. However, we cannot legislate for poor lifestyle – this is why we take time during our surveys to show the property’s occupants how and why mould is occurring.

Does bleach get rid of mould?

Bleach is a surface cleaner that offers a temporary option rather than a permanent treatment as it doesn’t kill the roots of the mould plant. It’s possible that agitation of the spores may actually cause mould to spread in the long term.