New Technology Testing in Progress

Posted 08/05/2018 By: Netmatters Support

At Mould Doctor we are currently testing a new technology which improves indoor air quality by utilising green technology to provide a permanent solution to combat mould, bacteria, virus, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and offensive odours.

The equipment uses no chemicals and leaves no residue; this makes it ideal for the environment and for sufferers of lung diseases and other sensitive illnesses

It can be used in an occupied property and is safe to use and has no health risks for people or pets and we have a Method Statement and Risk Assessment that can be provided prior to use. 

These machines are energy efficient and naturally lower the humidity in your environment, creating a crisp fresh atmosphere, as well as effectively killing mould, bacteria & viruses, and eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, gasses, vapours, and unpleasant odours.

We are undertaking extensive tests on properties that have suffered with odours including nicotine, fire & smoke damage, damp & pet smells and hope to have the equipment in all our franchise areas in due course. 

In addition, we are trialling new coatings for their effectiveness in preventing mould growth. The new materials are more friendly to the environment but we need to make sure that they are as mould repellent as our existing treatments before making them standard to our service.